Programming My Journey From Living in the Village to Becoming a Programmer

My Journey From Living in the Village to Becoming a Programmer


At times I sit and reflect on my life and can’t help but laugh and thank God for the distance I have come. Growing up in the village was not easy at all. My parents were also not well off. They were a bit old and not in the position to do any hard labor. This article reflects on how I became a programmer. A career I never even knew existed. The only programs I knew were television programs.

My Humble and Rather Hopeless Beginnings

After breakfast, my siblings and I would set off on foot to school which was a whole hour away. By the time we were getting to school my classmates from well off families would laugh at us because of the amount of dust on our feet. That never discouraged me. I knew education is the only thing that would get me out of the village and help my family. I worked hard and got good grades. My parents could not afford my college tuition fees. I moved to the city to look for a job. My lack of qualification meant I wouldn’t be eligible for a job with a decent pay, Anyhow I managed to get a messenger job at a local school.

Becoming a Programmer

Turning Point

A few month later, the school later started a computer course. They only had one teacher. I was requested to arrive at the school early so I can open the computer lab and watch over the students as they practiced what they had learned t the previous day. I was so fascinated considering, back in the village I had never seen computers. I was friendly with the students and with time they started teaching me the basics.

I knew that was my chance of learning something new that would change my life. I was so focused and I soon managed to catch up with them. In the morning as they practiced, I would go through their notes and manuals. By the time they finished the course, I was at the same level with them.

Becoming a Programmer

My Introduction to Programming

The next course on the outline was programming. I thought I would apply the same tactics. I was so shocked when I realized programming was so much different from the basics. I knew I would need more time to practice and a good teacher. One morning I approached my boss with a request. I told her instead of paying me the monthly salary in cash, she could allow me to join the programming class. She could see how determined I was and she agreed.

I learnt a few hacks I have outlined below that helped me to easily master programming.

  • Start with desktop scripting like AutoHotkey
  • Do not be too focused on choosing the programming language.
  • Focus on getting to know data, control structures, and design patterns.
  • Master the art of using HTML and CSS.
  • Try your hand at web development.
  • Grow your knowledge of JavaScript.

With these basic steps, you will easily get a grip on programming. I finished top of the programming class and was promoted to a computer technician and part time lecturer. I moved to my own house, I am paying my sibling’s college fees and my parents do not have to work anymore. Never give up on your dreams. You are the only one with the power to limit yourself.

2 thoughts on “My Journey From Living in the Village to Becoming a Programmer”

  1. Nathan Mendel says:

    Now everyone goes to the programming world, thinking that there is easy money. In fact, in order to earn good money, program a year of hard work and practice.

  2. Sheena D. says:

    I am often asked: from which programming language to begin?
    If this is asked, then this person will procrastinate, instead of engaging in real business. It does not matter where to start, the main thing is to move.

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