Programming From Broke Students To Top Programmers

From Broke Students To Top Programmers


My career as a programmer has come a long way. I actually landed into this career by default. It is not something I ever envisioned myself doing. My journey started on campus. I had enrolled for a degree in fashion design. In campus, the hostel rooms were assigned based on the courses. Automatically, my classmates ended up being my roommates. We were four roommates with a passion for fashion design. Our room was filled with posters of the latest designer clothes and trends. However, we were typical campus students who depended on their parents for pocket money. This article narrates our journey as roommates from fashion design to being top programmers.

Turned to Programming

How We Turned to Programming

By the middle of the semester, we would be broke. All of us. We were normally left behind when our classmates went out to the latest fashion shows. We had to wait for the next day to find out how the event was from the photos. One day we were so broke we decided we had to do something about it. Being a bit exposed to technology we knew we did not have to do any manual jobs.

We had to figure out another way of earning money. We made a list of all the resource we had at our disposal. We realized we had access to the school’s computer lab with a strong Internet connection. The only challenge was the computer lab had a limited number of computers. We made a commitment to always be the first ones in line when the lab opens. Our first day of looking for online jobs was not easy. We got so discouraged since most of the jobs were not for “newbies” like us with basic computer knowledge.

Down but not Out

We went back to the drawing board once more. What else did we have at our disposal? The school library. We drafted a time table. We divided our time; two of us would look for online courses while the remaining two would look for content in the computer books. We would then meet in our room at night and share the knowledge.

With time we polished our basic skills and we were now scaling the ladder of computer knowledge. We still had the fashion classes. So it was more of multitasking. Programming was not as easy as we thought. We had to come up with the next strategy. We looked for students who were doing computer as a course and they trained us on the basis for a small part of our pocket money.

Some of the basics we learnt about programming includes:

  • Importance of variables.
  • Control structures for analyzing variables.
  • Importance of data structures
  • Syntax and their use in programming
  • Tools used in programming

After learning the basics, we became unstoppable. We polished our knowledge and started applying for those programming jobs. Our lives did a complete 360 degrees change. Long story short, we ended up training our other classmates on programming and earning from it. We have never had to look back after that.

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  1. Corey says:

    Now the future for JS. Too many areas of its application (almost everything except machine learning) and too few specialists.

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