Opensource Benefits of Open-Source Software

Benefits of Open-Source Software


Nowadays, there is a big discussion round open-source software. It may seem to be not so much important topic to dispute about; however, the solution has a direct relation to our every-day life, activities, and things around us. The special feature of this kind of software is that the code for the programs being created is in the open access. In other words, it is available for viewing, editing, and using. This allows developers to use the already created code to work on the new versions of programs, to fix bugs, or to elaborate something new and better. Open-to-access software has a number of advantages over the solutions supplied according to the proprietary model.

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Pros of Using Open-Source Software

Advantages of these programs are just obvious, and they make our life better. Let’s see what’s good in the solution. First of all, it is a freedom of distribution, freedom of code modification, freedom to publish your own improvements, no need to purchase, and accessibility of a large number of additional modules. Open-source products allow you to work on the development of particular apps with a large number of people. With a team of developers who see the code, any errors and shortcomings are simply impossible. They are detected and corrected very quickly, which is unlike in the case of proprietary software.

  • Zero cost – nine times out of ten, open-source programs are available for free.
  • Troubleshooting – by and large, open-source programmers quickly find and remove all the “holes” and shortcomings in the code. Due to this, this software is more stable than commercial products.
  • Completeness of coverage – to date, the world of open-source products includes almost all the necessary components for automated management of all business processes. There are server solutions, desktop systems, and specialized business apps allowing you to flexibly approach the selection of business process management systems.
  • High speed ​​of completion – with open-source software, the speed of response is generally higher than when using closed commercial products.
  • Full compliance with customer needs – open-source software products are easily modified and improved to better meet specific user needs.
  • Independence – there is no dependence on the producers of software products, the associated licensing, and pricing policies.

Our Verdict!

Although big projects involve a large number of people, the “open office” employs more than one hundred thousand programmers from all over the world. They contact via e-mail or through their own web pages and work with a sole aim of improving the open-source software and creating their own products inspired by the code accessible in the open source. Often such a team of specialists manages to create programs faster than commercial manufacturers do. All in all, we vote “for” the solution!

3 thoughts on “Benefits of Open-Source Software”

  1. Kenneth G. says:

    Open source is the future. If the software has a large team of support, then the development is much better.

  2. Frank says:

    You can not worry about what the program does on your computer if it has open source code. You can just read the code (if you know how) and you will know that it does not steal (or steal) your personal data, which in general does (or does not) in your computer.
    Also, you can improve this program yourself and nobody will forbid you to change the source code of the program.

  3. Joey P. says:

    In my humble opinion, open source programs have a drawback: when a programmer is not paid money, he has less motivation to work, because he still needs to earn real money for life. And if less motivation, then the quality of software is less.

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